Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DIY Sunburst Spoon Mirror

 I have always been fond of sunburst mirrors, but not too fond of the store bought prices. So I decided to surf good ole google for some inspiration. I finally came across the perfect one. I found this lovely idea and "how to" tutorial from

I began this project with a trip to Hobby Lobby. As ususal, I went there to buy a mirror for the center of my sunburst mirror and ended up coming home with a bag full of goodies. I purchased the Decorative Round Mirror Plate located in the candle isle.  This mirror has a beveled edge and measures 13".

Decorative Round Mirror Plate

I then made my way to the paint isle and decided on Krylon Blue Ocean Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint. Finally, I purchased a large piece of foam board to hot glue my spoons on to. After my visit to Hobby Lobby, I then made my way to The Dollar Tree. Because I didn't realize how many spoons I would need I only bought 4 packages of 48 spoons. To save you the 3 seperate trips I ended up taking, I would buy around 14-15 packages depending on the size of mirror you are wanting to make. Unlike my inspiration that only had around 7 layers of spoons, my mirror ended up having 11 rows.
So without further delay, here is my personal tutorial for a DIY sunburst spoon mirror.

1 large piece of foam board
1 large circular mirror
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
15 (48 count) packages of plastic spoons
1 can of Ocean Blue Krylon spray paint

1. I began by placing my mirror in the middle of the foam board. I carefully traced around the outside. After this step I measured 9 inches out from the circle I had traced and placed a mark. I continued to do this a few inches apart around the entire mirror. I then used an exacto knife to cut the circular shape of the mirror by connecting the marks I had made. (Do not worry if your circle is not perfect because the spoons will cover it up!) I cut out the center of my circle but I would suggest to leave it there. The hole made it difficult to hot glue the mirror on at the end.
2. I then snapped off all of the tops of my spoons. Once that was complete, I glued by first spoon on to my foam board on the outter edge making sure to let it hang off. Because of my perfectionist tendenceys, I marked every two inches around the outside of the mirror gluing each spoon in the middle of that mark.

3. Once the outside row is complete, you can add your second row by simply gluing the spoons in between two of the spoons on the outer row. After completing the outer row, I did not mark anymore. It was fairly easy to eye where the spoon should be placed. Overlap your spoons just enough to cover the foam board, hot glue, and ends of the snapped spoons. Complete one row at a time until you reach the inner traced circle. DO NOT worry if the spoons begin to go directly in front of a spoon on the outer layers. Once the project is complete you cannot tell! Just remember it is important to keep them fairly inline with their neighbor spoons :)
This is my "craft night" bff Vivian :) Without her, this mirror would've taken a week to finish!

4. Once all the rows were complete, I spray painted the entire thing. Because my mirror was so large, I did not ombre the spoons. Once dried, I hot glued the mirror right where I had traced. I hung the sunburst mirror using 3M Command picture hanging strips.

SO proud of my DIY sunburst mirror!
Let me know whatcha think and if you have any questions, ask away :)
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  1. In the middle of doing this but painting mine gold! Hope it'll turn out as good as yours